Mathematics Homework Activities CD

Mathematics Homework Activities CD

These time-saving Mathematics Homework Activities on CD provide primary teachers with a set of challenging and engaging maths homework activities for every week of the school year.

Each maths activity addresses a whole or part of a learning objective and all the Homework Sheets are in Microsoft® Word format which means that you can customise them to suit the maths curriculum in your school.

There are separate CDs available for Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6. 

(A site licence is included in the price.)


Year 1

Homework Answer Sheets

Block A  Counting, partitioning and calculating
Counting 1 to 20
One Less, One More!
Estimate and Count
Placing Numbers
Counting On
Find the Difference
Addition and Subtraction Problems

Block B  Securing number facts, understanding shape
What Comes Next?
Describing Shapes
Making Five
Making Ten Speed Test
Ten Less, Ten More
Double It!
Shuffling Numbers
Add It Up!
Sorting Shapes

Block C  Handling data and measures
Taller or Shorter Than Me
Pizza Chart
Comparing Mugs
Showing Information
Balancing Balloons
Tin of Beans

Block D  Calculating, measuring and understanding shape
Money Amounts
In My Bedroom
Days of the Week
Money Problems

Measuring With Objects
What’s the Time?
Money Towers!
Months of the Year Line
Whole, Half and Quarter Turns

Block E Securing number facts, relationships and calculating
Counting in 2s
Counting in 5s
Who Am I?
What Comes Next?
Sharing 20 Sweets
Dice Race!


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