Policies for Primary Schools

Policies for Primary Schools

Author: Robert Hooper & Philip Robbins

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Policies for Primary Schools (7th Edition) includes more than 60 primary school policy templates to enable primary school managers and school leaders to keep school policies up-to-date and compliant.

Are all your primary school policies up-to-date?  Primary Schools need to make sure they are in-line with the Ofsted Inspection Framework  and compliant with statutory regulations. Not an easy task.

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The 7th Edition of Policies for Primary Schools includes:

  1. Performance Management
  2. Leadership Succession Planning
  3. Whistle Blowing
  4. Sustainable Schools
  5. Pupil Voice
  6. Mobile Phones
  7. Healthy Schools
  8. Pay
  9. Lettings
  10. Staff Induction

The new primary school policies reflect trends in current educational thinking and may well provide your school with important additional policies. For example, the Leadership Succession Planning policy also takes account of best practice found across the country in primary schools.

GOT IT COVERED - 63 Primary School Policies:
This brings the number of policies to 63 in total. In fact, the CD now includes so many subject and aspect policies, you can sleep easily knowing you have in place all the necessary policies for your primary school. Everything from Safeguarding, Inclusion, Assessment, Marking & Feedback, through to ICT and Equal Opportunities! 

All the policies have been recently fully revised to reflect new national regulations on issues, such as Health and Safety. For example, the policy for 'Off Site Visits' has taken account of the newly published national guidance. The 2010 Equality Act meant schools needed to update all their policies which address equal opportunities. This 7th Edition of Policies for Primary Schools will ensure your primary school recognises all current requirements.

Subject policies have also been updated and the English policy now has greater emphasis on teaching phonics and reading, in line with the new Ofsted Inspection Framework and DfE policy. Subject co-ordinators will also be secure in the knowledge that their subject policy fits in well with all other subject policies in your school.

All the primary school policies on the CD are in Microsoft Word format, so they can be easily customised to any school context or needs. Adapt ‘model’ policies to suit the individual circumstances within your own primary school with minimal time and effort. Save valuable time, with tried and tested templates!

Policies for Primary Schools (7th Edition) on CD will enable you to be confident that your school has all the bases covered with regard to all aspects of school life and that each policy is consistent with all others.



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