The range of ICT resources for Primary pupils includes; ICT Resources, ICT Assessment Activities and ICT Focus Weeks CD. All resource are specifically made for Primary pupils. Suitable for years 1,2,3,4,5 and 6.

ICT Resources

ICT Resource Files

Our ICT Resource Files consist of a ringbound file crammed with creative ICT lesson plans and photocopiable activity sheets that will save you hours of preparation time. Also comes with an accompanying CD. More

ICT Assessment Activities CD

ICT Assessment Activities CD

Aimed at making teaching and measuring children’s progress in ICT simple and easy, our ICT Assessment Activities CD is an interactive, fun and child-friendly way of assessing each pupil's ICT knowledge. More

ICT Focus Weeks CD

ICT Focus Weeks CD

A subject-focused, cross-curricular resource our ICT Focus Weeks CDs helps teachers run engaging ICT focus weeks, while linking with other curriculum areas. Two CDs available for KS1 & KS2. More

ICT Resources for Foundation Stage

ICT Resource File for Foundation Stage

Our ICT Resource File for Foundation Stage ensures your pupils gain a useful introduction to ICT and develop their work over lessons. Includes guidance on fully embedding ICT at the Foundation Stage. More