School Topics

Looking for primary school topic ideas? Need supporting materials? Here you'll find primary school topics to help engage and inspire your primary school children. To further help, you'll also find supporting resources, lesson plans and activities that bring the school topics alive.

School Topics for August

August School Topics use a avariety of resources ranging from, RE, History, French, Along with a Royal wedding resource unique to LCP! Add diversity to lessons using August school topics. More

School Topics for September

It's back to school time! To help you get started we have put together some great topic ideas including; Fire of London, Great North Run, Harvest Festival ... and more. More

School Topics for October

Exciting school topics for October. Topics include links to the curriculum, teacher notes, photocopiables, activities and lesson plans. See what's coming up in October. More

School Topics for November

Remember, remember the 5th of November, synonymous with November ... but there are other topics that will capture primary school pupils' imaginations. More

School Topics for December

Christmas is on its way. December is a busy time for primary schools. Nativity plays, decorations, Christmas fairs ... and of course day to day teaching. What else is there in December? More

School Topics for January

It's the start of the year and it's the chance to learn about the recent New Years celebrations, Martin Luher King, Robert Burns and other important historical dates. More

School Topics for February

February topics provide a chance for pupils to learn about Fairtrade fortnight, Valentine's Day and Wetland day linking to a variety of subjects and providing a wealth of knowledge. More

School Topics for March

The month of March has topics such as; International Woman's Day, Mothering Sunday, World Poetry Day and The birth date of Albert Einstein amongst others... topics covering the past and present. More

School Topics for April

The end of term is approaching but with the month of April comes topics relating to History, Physical Education, Religious Education and Literacy, in the shape of Passover, Henry VIII Birthday, the London marathon and World Shakespeare Day. More

School Topics for May

Interesting school topics for May. Including the world famous FA Cup Final, world Fairtrade day, International day of families and World Day for Culteral Diversity. A very international theme covering various curricular subjects. More

School Topics for June

June school topics ocver various curricular subjects using a variety of LCP resources. covering History with the Magna Carta or fathers Day with indivually made Topic Plans there something for everyone. More

School Topics for July

US Independence Day, Children's Art Day, Festival of British Archaeology and the start of Ramandan are just some of the topics in July. Spice up July with interesting and fun school topics. More