Year 3 Maths - Autumn

Standardised Maths Progress Tests

Rigorous and reliable assessments without levels for measuring and monitoring progress in Maths for the 2014 national curriculum.

The Maths Progress Tests are fully matched to the primary curriculum (2014) for Maths and cover:

  • Number
  • Shape and Space
  • Measures
  • Operations
  • Fractions
  • Statistics
  • Algebra (for Year 6)


Objectives of the Tests

The Baseline tests are designed to be used at the beginning of the academic year and cover the curriculum content that pupils are expected to know from the previous year. (There is no Baseline test for Year 1.)

The Autumn progress tests recap on some of the knowledge and skills children should have learned in the previous year and the coverage which they can be expected to have completed by the end of the autumn term. There are some more difficult questions that enable advanced pupils to demonstrate their abilities.

The Spring progress tests cover the content that pupils can be expected to have completed by the end of the spring term as well as challenging questions to measure the abilities of the more able pupils.

The End of Year tests cover the content of the curriculum for the year or that which is deemed appropriate where the curriculum covers upper and lower parts of Key Stage.

Each test is supported by a teacher manual and marking scheme. The Maths test comes with access to a sophisticated online diagnostic tool for detailed analysis of the results which can be made available via at no extra cost. This diagnostic tool analyses the results in six main ways:


  • Class or year group results - compared against a national sample of test schools for each component of the subject and overall.
  • Individual questions. The diagnostic analysis includes the % success of the whole class or year group for each question against the national sample results. This invaluable analysis provides critical detail on which aspects of the curriculum are well understood and which require further work.
  •  Pupils’ results are provided as standardised scores and converted into one of 5 standards referred to as: Commenced, Developing, Secure, Advanced and Deep.
  • At or on-track designations, depending on your school’s approach to assessment without levels is available to show pupil results in either a linear way (i.e. that their attainment standard is at Commenced, Developing, Secure, Advanced or Deep standard for the term) or non linear, i.e. to be on-track to be at Commenced, Developing, Secure, Advanced or Deep standard by the end of the year.
  • Demand Threshold. Results are also available against a theoretical demand threshold which is generally a higher absolute level of attainment  than the current national standard (expressed as standardised scores) and can be viewed as what can be expected in the future as the new curriculum settles down and teaching techniques and learning improves.
  • Further analysis of results is easily available for sub sets of the year-group data such as Girls/Boys, Pupil Premium, Looked-After Children and any other groups requiring analysis.


Samples of tests are available to download at the foot of the page


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All the Maths tests are available on paper and can be taken online (at no extra cost) where they are automatically marked and analysed for you.

***Smaller packs of 10 tests are available for small schools with fewer than 135 pupils on role, and teacher manuals can be purchased separately as well. Please contact our offices by phone (01926 886 914) or email to request these special items.

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