Year 4 Reading - End of Year

Standardised Reading Tests

Each of the tests in this series (Reading Baseline, Reading Autumn, Reading Spring and Reading End of Year) has been written to assess the appropriate parts of the reading curriculum for the term selected and aspects of the previous year. The number of words the children need to read and absorb is smallest in year 1 Autumn and increases during the year, while the difficulty of the texts progressively increases up the years as well.

The balance of marks across the strands that make up the content domain (Literal, Inference, Analysis and Language) for each year has been achieved by careful research to ensure it provides a fair and thorough coverage of what should be taught for the year.

The diagnostic analyses from the tests show where there are strengths or gaps in a child’s learning and understanding. Working with this test information against the programme of study can be extremely helpful in assisting effective lesson planning, as well as measuring and monitoring progress during the year and beyond.

Examination of the balance of question types indicates that the LCP tests have a similar profile and mixture of assessment styles to that indicated by the assessment framework and the KS1 and KS2 tests. Where the tests were used in schools in the early summer of 2016, they were considered to be an accurate predictor of the actual KS1 and KS2 results.


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