Literacy Resources for Foundation Stage

Literacy Resource File for Foundation Stage
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Our Literacy Resource File for Foundation Stage - EYFS - focuses on speaking, listening and responding as the main approaches to teaching and developing early literacy skills. Bring your literacy lessons to life with this collection of innovative strategies that your pupils will love.

The file establishes a practical vision for how to create and equip an engaging speaking and listening timetable in your classroom, as well as providing lots of creative ideas for involving parents and carers in pupil’s learning.

It also comes with an accompanying CD containing 13 PowerPoint presentations that support and extend the activities in the resource file. 

Key features and benefits:

  • Teaching guidance that provides insights into classrooms setups, pupil participation and differentiation.

  • Planning templates that allow the easy construction of thematically based term planners.

  • Role-play activities that assist in the development of socio-linguistic skills.

  • Songs, rhymes and poems that introduce pupils to new words and different patterns of language.

  • Speaking and listening games that allow pupils to rehearse conversational skills and peer interaction.

  • Stories and accompanying activities along with practical ideas for providing pupils with a range of quality literary experiences.

Use any of these elements in your daily planning to produce effective, engaging and exciting literacy lessons.



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