Design & Technology Resources for Foundation Stage

Design & Technology Resource File for Foundation Stage

Our Design & Technology Resource File for Foundation Stage is based on the concept of ‘designerly play’, which involves children making design decisions as they play and explore the world around them.

The resource file provides a wealth of opportunities for young children to learn about technology through designing and making products.

In particular, it provides detailed session plans for six design-based topics which develop pupils’ creativity and problem-solving skills, as well as their practical skills and knowledge of the world around them. These sessions are clearly linked to the Foundation Stage Profile.

Each Design & Technology Resource File for Foundation Stage comprises:

  • A ringbound resource file with detailed session plans containing opportunities for designerly thought and action; key vocabulary; exploratory activities; design activities; discussion topics; structured play opportunities.  
  • A CD with PowerPoint presentations, one for each unit, full of photographs showing how things are done by children and related to topics for group discussions.

The CD also contains an editable version of the resource file in Microsoft® Word format, enabling you to customise it to suit your needs, plus all the diagrams from the resource file.



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