PE Foundation Stage

PE for Foundation Stage

Run Jump Skip and Swim - Inspiring Activities for Healthy Young People

LCP's PE Resource File for Foundation Stage Second Edition fully revised for the 2014 Curriculum.

Our PE Resource File for Foundation Stage Second Edition features detailed lesson plans, updated curriculum links to Early Learning Goals and medium-term plans.

The units within the resource file cover dance, enacting a story, parachute games, using equipment, using materials and action rhymes. Original music and narration are provided on CD to accompany the dances, stories and rhymes.

Each Physical Development Resource File Foundation Stage comprises:

  • A resource file, containing lesson plans and medium-term plans.
  • Two CDs: CDA contains a PDF version of the whole file plus moving images of children demonstrating actions and a full-colour, image gallery. CDB is an audio CD with specially composed music and narration. (A site licence is included in the price.)

Each file provides:

  • Lively individual session plans.
  • Detailed medium-term plans.
  • Links to Early Learning Goals.
  • Learning objectives and outcomes.
  • Assessment opportunities.
  • Health and safety checklist.
  • Activities to develop fine and large motor skills.
  • Ideas for an activity fun day.

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