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Fun Friendly Phonics - Assessing Segmenting for Spelling is a series of engaging story books, which allow teachers to assess children's writing and accurately identify gaps in their phonic knowledge. The series is based around the Government’s Letters and Sounds programme and is designed to use in conjunction with LCP's Phonics Planning. These lively stories support teachers in monitoring children’s attainment and progress in the use of phonics in their writing.

There are nine books in the series covering phase 2 to phase 5. Each book includes assessment grids and teaching guidance. The guidance notes, assessment grids and the children’s answer paper are provided on an accompanying CD, along with illustrations from the books to show on the interactive whiteboard.

Each book contains:

  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Teacher’s guidance
  • The story
  • Children’s response sheet
  • Assessment grids

Target audience:

  • All EYFS and KS1 practitioners
  • KS2 practitioners working with lower ability/SEN children
  • Special Educational Needs coordinators
  • English as an Additional Language specialist

Main features and benefits:

  • Unique
  • Child friendly and engaging
  • Easy to administer
  • Essential in highlighting gaps in children’s phonics learning
  • Closely linked to the Government's Letters and Sounds
  • Designed to work alongside and compliment LCP’s Phonics Planning Resource
  • Can be adapted to suit the needs of the class or group
  • Childrens' progress can be monitored easily, highlighting those who may require additional support
  • Children can be grouped effectively for phonics sessions, according to their ability




The Fun Friendly Phonics series contains nine different stories covering Phases 2-5:


Phase 2

  • Bill's Rumbling Tummy
  • Hide and Seek
  • Monsoon

Phase 3–4 

  • Jack’s Big Surprise 
  • Ayesha and the Dragon 
  • What’s That Noise? 

Phase 5

  • A Penguin’s Tale
  • A New Friend
  • The Lonely Alien

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