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Our Geography Resource Files contain lively, ready-to-use photocopiable activity sheets, detailed medium-term plans and individual lesson plans which will save busy teachers hours of work every week. The easy-to-use format will provoke geographical enquiry and stimulate pupils' learning through challenging and exciting lessons.

Each resource file has a comprehensive Teacher's Guidance section, which gives you information and advice on resources, class management, fieldwork, activities and games, plus opportunities for assessment and differentiation.

Each Geography Resource File demonstrates clearly:

  • how a school’s work in geography can be divided into units to be taught to different years
  • how geographical enquiry skills, places and themes can be integrated and taught
  • ways in which units can link with and support other areas of the curriculum

Geography Resource Files are available for: 

*The Geography Resource File for Foundation Stage also includes:

  • a full-colour, large format Flipbook with photographs and illustrations from the CD which are perfect for whole-class teaching.
  • a CD with illustrations, maps and photographs of historical artefacts, linking the lessons in the resource file, ideal for projection onto a whiteboard, plus an editable version of the whole file in Microsoft Word format.

Flipbooks and CDs to accompany the Geography Resource Files for KS2 are also available to purchase separately. See below for more details:

Geography Flipbook, Activities booklet and CD

Teacher's guidance

  • Appendix 1  Geography and ICT
  • Appendix 2  Using photographs
  • Appendix 3  Fieldwork
  • Appendix 4  Summative assessment form
  • Appendix 5  Resources
  • Appendix 6  Outline maps

Unit 6*    Investigating our local area

Unit 7     Weather around the world

Unit 8     Improving the environment

Unit 9     Village settlers

Unit 10   A village in a less economically developed country

Unit 11   Water

Unit 12   Should the high street be closed to traffic?

Unit 13   A contrasting locality in the UK

Unit 14   Investigating rivers

Unit 15   The mountain environment

Unit 16   What's in the news?

Unit 18   Connecting ourselves to the world

Unit 19   How and where do we spend out time?

Unit 20   A local environmental issue

Unit 21   How can we improve the area we can see from our window? 

Unit 23   Investigating coasts

Unit 24   Passport to the world

Unit 25   Geography and numbers


The numbering of the units in this file follows that of the QCA geography units at Key Stage 2

Geography Resource File for Key Stage 2 (Years 3 - 6) £99.95  Add to cart

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