History Resource Upper KS2 - Introduction to Early Civilisations

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Bringing Key Events and People from the Past to Life

Early Civilisations History Resources for Key Stage 2

  • Inspire your pupils with curiosity about the past
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of past events
  • Understand historical sources and how to use them by becoming history detectives

A perfect two lesson overview of the first four early civilisations:

  • Ancient Sumer
  • Ancient Egypt
  • The ancient Indus Valley civilisation 
  • Shang dynasty of ancient China.

These two lessons explore where and when the first civilisations appeared and investigate some of their most important achievements.

The lessons provide primary teachers with a standalone study and also act as an introduction to a more in-depth investigation of one of these ancient civilisations for budding history detectives.

Each lesson strongly supports historical enquiry skills and includes:


  • Learning objectives and success criteria
  • Starter and plenary suggestions
  • A rich resource of superb artefact images
  • Activities with related activity sheets
  • Differentiated materials in Lesson 2
  • Timeline work
  • Website suggestions

Available to order on CD or as a download

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