Assessment for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

The Rochford Review (Oct 2016) recommended that schools no longer use P scales to report pupil attainment and progress, but have not recommended any replacement. This report will be part of the wider Primary Reviews expected Spring 2017. Until then however, schools are left wondering what to do with the old levels system of P scales 1-8 and 'Working Towards' in the meantime. 

iASEND answers the question schools face of how to demonstrate progress for pupils who are always 'Working Towards'.

The teacher can create a bespoke profile for each pupil based on their specific learning barriers, instead of a large umbrella of a disorder or disability. Categories like cognition, behaviour, physical, and sensory difficulties can be ranked on severity, creating a profile that can eventually be benchmarked nationally by all other iASEND profiles in the future. This profile, cohort, and benchmarking will allow schools to compare the attainment and progress of their pupils accurately and give a more clear picture as to realistic and relevant targets. This feature is not yet available, but will be built when the data pool is large enough to give relevant results.

The cloud-based system breaks down the entire P Scale to KS3 National Curriculum for Reading, Writing, Maths, Science and Computing into incremental steps – which are then broken down further when teachers assess the pupil’s depth of understanding. This way each assessment step can be evaluated across five levels of depth (Shallow, Emerging, Developing, Deepening and Functional) so that pupil progress can be shown within each step.

Developed by SEND specialists, iASEND is easy-to-use and beautifully designed so teachers can focus on teaching, not tracking. 

Available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, our dedicated support team are happy to assist in anyway and can be reached at 01926 468 687, at info@iASEND.com, or from the ‘Help’ section on the iASEND platform.

iASEND is an easy-to-use assessment progress tracking system that provides schools, teachers, and parents with information that shows attainment and progress in real time. 

The advantages of using iASEND

  • demonstrate progress for SEND pupils who are always 'Working Towards'
  • easy to use and beautifully designed
  • affordable: only £20 per pupil
  • fully supported both online and by phone
  • cloud-based, so it is accessible anywhere there is wi-fi
  • support research into best practice.

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