iTRACK – School Pupil Tracking System

iTRACK is an online program for tracking your pupils’ attainment and progress with ‘live’ data

  • Flexible and customisable, iTRACK can be tailored to fit your school’s profile
  • Compare pupil attainment and progress across ‘MAT’ schools with iTRACK Strategic
  • Dedicated Help Desk with real people to talk to

To find out more about iTRACK, see our pupil tracking system in action, sign up to a 3 month trial, or to arrange training, call our friendly team on 01926 468 687 – we’re always ready for a chat!

Features of Itrack

Automatic, daily synchronization with your MIS system

Wonde Intigration

We work with Wonde to make sure your data is always synchronised

Fully Customisable

Tailored to you

Customise iTRACK to the needs of your school.

Save time with our report writer feature


Whether you are reporting to Governors, Local Authorities, Ofsted or Parents, iTRACK can generate a wide range of reports to suit you.

Always available anywhere cloud based software

Always Online

All you need is an internet connection to access iTRACK from any device with a web browser.

Formative or summative tracking


Track pupil progress and attainment across the school in as little or as much detail as required.

Built in filters


Use attributes and filters to deep dive your data and compare cohorts.

Systematic backups & Restores

Never Lose Data

iTRACK creates periodic backups of your data automatically and before changes to your settings.

Time efficient data entry

Time efficient

Save time so you can get back to being a teacher sooner.

Track from nursery to year 9

EYFS to Key Stage 3

Fully featured tracking to the end of KS3

What our clients say

What schools are saying about iTRACK

We chose the iTRACK system because of its ability to help us provide a continuity in assessment for our schools, would be easy to use for our staff and provide the reporting functions needed to provide information efficiently to our stakeholders.

Mill Hill Primary School

‘In my opinion, iTRACK is an absolute ‘win’ for pupils, teachers, parents, governing bodies, Inspectors and owners; all are significantly better-off in terms of progress, information and time.’

Andrew Noakes
Head of Preparatory School, Brighton College Abu Dhabi

‘We chose the iTRACK system because of its ability to help us provide a continuity in assessment for our schools, would be easy to use for our staff and provide the reporting functions needed to provide information efficiently to our stakeholders.’

Deborah Saunders
Trust Improvement Officer, An Daras Trust

‘We chose iTRACK because it allows all of the data collection which is needed without being cumbersome or onerous for teachers to use- it has balanced perfectly between the accountability needed and staff-wellbeing. I would have no hesitation to recommend iTRACK to any schools.’

Kelley Butcher
Headteacher, St Hilary School

‘As a school we have been delighted with how easy it is to use iTRACK. LCP made the change over to iTRACK seamless, and we were able to customise the system at the start to reflect how we wanted to record progress here at AWGS.’

Wesley Thorpe
Headteacher at Alderbury and West Grimstead School

‘I feel it is a good package as it is tailored to our requirements. I find the ability to filter for all different groups particularly useful. The other functions which I use regularly are the progress and attainment dashboards as you can see very quickly achievement and progress of the school as a whole. It is very useful for sharing with Governors so they are able to have a clear picture of the data at all levels.’

Jo-Anne Callow
Deputy CEO, An Daras Trust

‘iTRACK has been instrumental in monitoring and tracking the data in our school. It is a key part of our school life due to how quick and easy it is to use; adding data about our students is a simple task. iTRACK have also been incredibly helpful adapting iTRACK and helping us fully utilise its features, making sure it works for our school. This, alongside the excellent visual tracking pages, has helped us to clearly monitor progress and attainment. Their customer service is great and iTRACK as a whole is excellent value for money.’

Emma Brown
The British School of Beijing, Shunyi

‘We like iTRACK because it’s accessible, clearly formatted and ever improving. Accessible at home and to governors, it creates reports that are easy to print and Ofsted used it successfully – what more could we ask?’

Rebecca Scutt
Headteacher Stow-On-The-Wold Primary School

‘iTRACK has been an excellent addition to assessment within our primary school; now every child’s performance can be carefully monitored.’

Mill Hill Primary School

iTRACK has proved to be a very user-friendly tool in school to monitor pupil performance. The team at iTRACK are always on hand to support when required and we have been impressed with the flexibility in adapting the system to make it work for us as a school and across the MAT.’

Katie Patrick
Headteacher, Dunstone Primary School

‘We have been very impressed with the quality of customer service and training received from iTrack. Their response is immediate, either through the help line or by email. Where it is possible to adapt the system, to meet our needs, this is carried out sometimes as you are on the phone! Staff state the system is easy to use and not over-complicated. Reports generated are simple and effective but will drill down into detail if wished, meeting the needs of staff, management, the Trust and governors.’

Susie Evans
Headteacher, Wembury Primary School

Track pupil progress and attainment across the school in as little or as much detail as required.

Instantly see how your class or year group is performing against your school’s curriculum and spot issues with clear colourful graphs.

Parental reports on pupil’s progress.

Track EYFS and Early Learning Goals.


Wonde Integration

  • Syncs iTRACK with your existing MIS system.
  • Updates data as frequently as required.
  • All synced data includes pupil, classes and attendance.

Cloud Based Software

  • Cloud based data storage allows for efficient data storage and access.
  • iTRACK uses bank style encryption – so your data is safe with us!
  • Never have to worry about loosing crucial pupil data with our built-in backup and restore functionality.
  • Password controls to ensure that only permitted staff have access to iTRACK.

Automatic backups

  • Never have to worry about losing crucial pupil data with our built-in backup and restore functionality.

Tailored to your School

  • You can easily adapt iTRACK to match your school curriculum.
  • Track against up to 8 standards of your choice e.g: Commenced, Developing, Secure, Greater Depth, Deep etc.
  • Fully customisable objectives so you can really make iTRACK your own. iTRACK allows you to filter your data as required using fully customisable filters. Compare the key vulnerable groups such as SEND or Pupil Premium, at the click of a button and know your school inside out.


  • Formative to summative assessments.
  • All subjects from Early Years to Key Stage 3.
  • Pupil assessments are clearly presented in reports, graphs and tables.
  • Compares vulnerable groups such as pupil premium and SEND pupils.
  • Analyse performance across an entire Multi-Academy Trust, Clusters or Federation with iTRACK Strategic

Time Efficient Data Entry

  • No endless clicking by using fast flood-fill options for assessments.
  • iTRACK integrates with your MIS system, pulling through relevant data on pupils, classes and attendance.
  • Once assessed, analysis of the data is generated instantly. · Monitor students’ progress at your fingertips at the click of a button.

Report Writing

  • Generates a wide range of reports for Governors, Local Authorities, SMT’s, Ofsted, Parents and Pupils.
  • Creates end of year and termly school pupil reports for Parents and Guardians.
  • School pupil reports have default comments for Maths, English and Science and are all fully editable for the year group generally and each pupil.
  • School reports generation saves hours of time when compared to writing a report from scratch as data is automatically pulled in from iTRACK.
  • Report to Parents with ease, either via online account access or paper based.
  • Governors viewing accounts, anonymises sensitive child specific data.

Filters and Attributes

  • All standard groups (e.g SEND, Pupil Premium) are automatically imported from your MIS by default for filtering and analysis.
  • Create multiple custom attributes and discover if your after-school clubs are benefiting your pupils. Go Back.