Make Phonics Fun series - Year 1 Phonics

Make Phonics Fun Series of books

Make Phonics Fun Series is ideal for Year 1 Phonics.  It makes teaching and preparing pupils for the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check both topical and fun.

There are three books in the series - covering Autumn, Spring or Summer topics.  The three books progressively build up your pupils' phonics in readiness for the Year 1 Phonics Check. On their own or together they make an excellent Year 1 Phonics Check resource.

Each book:
Six fantastic topics - 18 topics in total.
Lively and original texts including stories,
  non-fiction and poetry
Includes picture prompts and photocopiable
  activities and games
• All accompanied by Teachers’ Notes.
• Year 1 Phonics Pseudo Words - 20 real and 20 pseudo words
   supplied as photocopiable test cards with each topic.

Book Topics:
Make Phonics Fun – Autumn topics
School life, Weather, Celebrations, Magic, Rhythm & Rhyme, Night time.
Make Phonics Fun – Spring topics: 
  Spring, Colour, Food, Monsters, Homes, Dinosaurs
Make Phonics Fun – Summer topics:
  Holidays, Pets, Transport, Minibeasts, Fairytales, All about me.

Year 1 Phonic Progression
Each book is stand alone and, while some of the themes within each book are topical, many are interchangeable across the seasons. However, there is a natural progression in level of difficulty through the three books: the autumn topics are geared at pupils just starting Year 1, while the summer topics are aimed at pupils preparing to take the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check in the final school term.

Complements Existing Year 1 Phonics
The Make Phonics Fun series will complement your existing phonics schemes and support the development of reading across the KS1 curriculum. Written by an experienced primary literacy team, all the books are accessible and easy to use, offering everything you need to get started straight away.

In short, the series offers all the resources you need to enable your pupils to apply their phonics knowledge across the curriculum and to develop their phonics skills in context, through play and by making use of their environment.

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