About Pseudo Words in the Make Phonics Fun Series

Across the different genres, within the Make Phonics Fun series, children are introduced through fiction, non-fiction and poetry text to a list of key words, enabling them to develop their decoding and blending skills

Real and pseudo words have been chosen to cover the grapheme-phoneme correspondences contained in Sections 1 and 2 of the screening check.

Each topic is also supported by photocopiable labelled picture scenes, providing visual cues for some of the key real and pseudo words to be tested.  Care has been taken to ensure that the pictures representing the key pseudo words are of objects and items that are clearly meant to be imaginary. 

Pseudo and Real Word - Test Cards
Each topic book from Make Phonics Fun has at the heart of it, a carefully selected list of 40 real and pseudo words (20 words for Section 1 and 20 words for Section 2 of the screening check), building a word bank, from topic to topic and term to term, that will cover the broad range of grapheme-phoneme correspondences that the children should be familiar with by the time they approach the end of Year 1.

What topics can be found inside each book?

•  Make Phonics Fun – Autumn topics:
   School life, Weather, Celebrations, Magic, Rhythm & Rhyme, Night time.

•  Make Phonics Fun – Spring topics:
Spring, Colour, Food, Monsters, Homes, Dinosaurs

•  Make Phonics Fun – Summer topics:
Holidays, Pets, Transport, Minibeasts, Fairytales, All about me.


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