Make Phonics Fun - Summer topics

Make Phonics Fun - Summer topics

To coincide with the Year 1 Phonics Check, this last book in the series offers resources to finally prepare pupils for the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check

Enter a magical world of giants and monsters, dinosaurs and aliens, trolls and fairies and discover that you really can Make Phonics Fun!

Make Phonics Fun – Summer topics include:

 • Holidays •  Pets
•  Transport •  Minibeasts
•  Fairytales •  All About Me

Whilst, each book in Make Phonic Fun series can be used independently, the complete series is recommended.

Each book in the series builds up in terms of complexity, leading to the final Summer edition.  An ideal support to prepare for the Year 1 Phonics Check.

... just see what Mr Phonics had to say about it!

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Make Phonics Fun Series includes:

Other helpful information about the Phonics Screening Check:

  1. Phonics Screening - What is it?
  2. Phonics Screening Preparation
  3. Phonics Screening Teacher Training Video
  4. Why use Pseudo Words?
  5. Help with Pseudo / Non-Words
  6. Phonics Screening and SEN
  7. Phonics Screening Resources
  8. Phonics Screening - The Pilot
  9. What Pilot schools have to say
  10. Further information - Department of Education FAQs




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