Mathematics Resource File Year 1 Second Edition

LCP Maths Resource File Year 1
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Mathematics Resource File fully updated for Primary Teachers planning the Year 1 programme of study for the 2014 Curriculum.  The updated Maths Resource file includes:

  • lesson plans for each mathematical strand;

  • suggested differentiation;

  • a range of activities to support children’s learning;

  • mental/oral activities for each lesson;

  • key vocabulary and questions to promote speaking and listening;

  • a differentiated  activity sheets

  • classroom activities to enhance and extend children’s understanding;

  • homework activities and accompanying activities;

  • suggested online resources;

  • a weekly planner which can be tailored to integrate lessons into your school's current practice;

  • clear assessment criteria for each lesson which relate directly to the learning objectives highlighted in the New Framework;

  • suggested strategies for assessing the children’s understanding;

  • a blank assessment sheet to keep a record of children’s achievement and progress.


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