New Generation Primary French Resources

New Generation Primary French Resource Files

Our New Generation Primary French Resource Files provide non-specialist primary teachers with ready-to-use French lesson plans, medium term plans and lively activities.

Each unit ensures coherence and progression through the activities and contains a detailed medium-term plan with clear learning objectives.


This comprehensive, multi-media package comprises:

  • a ringbound resource file of ready-to-use of primary French lesson plans, medium term plans and activity sheets that will save you hours of preparation and planning.
  • two CDs featuring:
    • Picture Bank – a wide variety of animated, interactive slides with vocabulary read aloud by a native speaker - perfect for whole-class teaching with a whiteboard and ideal for introducing and revising a topic.
    • FlashPics – 100 electronic flashcards great for teaching essential vocabulary. They can be easily printed out to use in games.
    • a pronunciation guide, featuring all of the vocabulary used in the course, read aloud by native speakers, offering vital support for the non-specialist.
    • a number of lively French songs, all with karaoke versions that the class can sing along to, guaranteed to make French fun in your classroom!
    • an electronic version of the whole file, including the activity sheets.

The medium-term plans give an overview of the forthcoming lessons, their learning objectives and outcomes, plus cross-curricular activities.


The New Generation Primary French Resource File 1 is for beginners (it's ideal for Years 3 & 4 but is suitable for beginners of any age, including Years 5 & 6); while File 2 is the follow on.


A site licence is included in the price.




New Generation French Resources Files 

File 1 Contents:  

Unit 1 Moi (All about me)

Unit 2 Jeux et chansons (Games and songs)

Unit 3 On fait la fête (Celebrations)

Unit 4 Portraits (Portraits)

Unit 5 Les quatre amis (The four friends)

Unit 6 Ça pousse! (Growing things)

Unit 7 On y va (All aboard)

Unit 8 L'argent de poche (Pocket money)

Unit 9 Raconte-moi une histoire (Tell me a story)

Unit 10 Vive le sport! (Our sporting lives)

Unit 11 Le Carnaval des animaux ('Carnival of the animals')

Unit 12 Quel temps fait-il? (What's the weather like?)

 File 2 Contents:

Unit 13 Bon appétit, bonne santé (Healthy eating)

Unit 14 Je suis le musicien (I am the Music Man)

Unit 15 En route pour l'école (On the way to school)

Unit 16 Scène de Plage (Beach scene)

Unit 17 Les quatre saisons (The four seasons)

Unit 18 Les planètes (The planets)

Unit 19 Notre école (Our school)

Unit 20 Notre monde (The world about us)

Unit 21 Le passé et le présent (Then and now)

Unit 22 Ici et là (Out and about)

Unit 23 Monter un café (Creating a café)

Unit 24 Quoi de neuf? (What's in the news?)

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