Non-Fiction Reading Cards

Non-Fiction Reading Cards
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Engaging primary reading resources are a must for any classroom.  Our Non-Fiction Reading Cards provide schools with a motivating and flexible reading resource that helps develop children’s non-fiction reading skills.

There are seven boxes available, covering the Foundation Stage through to Year 6. Each box contains three copies of each of the 50 different cards, so that they can be used for individual, pair or small group work, as well as whole-class work.

With reading activities for all ages, each card is rich with text, photographs and illustrations perfect for young readers. The reading cards offer pupils the opportunity to practise skills identified in the non-fiction reading objectives, across all the National Curriculum subjects. 

There is a CD to accompany each box, containing all of the cards in an electronic format, which enables you to project them on to a whiteboard for whole-class teaching.

The CD that accompanies the Foundation Stage Box also features a number of interactive elements including:

  • An audio function, which means that each item of text is read out when clicked on, allowing young children to work on the cards independently.
  • 50 nursery rhymes, one per card, which are spoken or sung with simple accompaniment.
  • Interactive puzzles, which the children can do on screen. The answers are also revealed on screen.

Packed with activities, in each box of our Non-Fiction Reading Cards children will meet a range of genres and reading challenges, from timetables to letters and advertisements. The wide variety of themes has been chosen to appeal to both boys and girls and to reflect multicultural and global topics and issues.


'The Non-Fiction Cards are truly cross-curricular, simple and accessible. We were delighted with the impact of this resource. The cards really motivated the children, but this was particularly noticeable with the gifted and talented and SEN and EAL children. The cards are excellent for encouraging home–school interaction and discussion.

'The Year 1 card called ‘Great-great-grandma’ [about a Polish great-great-grandmother] gave a pupil from an Indian background the opportunity to produce a leaflet about her family, which all the children then used as a model to produce their own.

'The children also really enjoyed the ‘making and doing’ aspect as a starting point for reading, and said that they didn’t mind writing after that! I thought that the boxes were excellent value for money and have now ordered all seven!’

Manjit Kaur, Deputy Head, Kingsway Primary School, Leamington Spa


'I love using the comprehension cards with my Year 1/2 class. They are invaluable for Guided Reading as they often match curriculum themes and are so colourful and interesting. I find that boys in particular enjoy reading and discussing the cards. There is a real sense of excitement when they see them laid out ready to begin the session. Older children have used them to inspire their writing and we soon had a new set of cards that the children had made themselves.

'The CD is a welcome addition as it allows me to share the cards with the whole class on the interactive whiteboard and model them as an exemplar text – this saves me so much time writing my own.'

Jackie Livermore (former Leader of Learning for FS & KS1,The Winchcombe School, Newbury and current Deputy Head at Speenhamland Primary School, Newbury)




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