Phonics Screening Preparation

Prepare for Phonics Screening - Example of screening check words

Preparing for Phonics Screening?

The Department of Education have created a training video to help guide teachers through phonics screening.  It helpfully runs through examples of real and pseudo words so that you can hear what is acceptable. The advice takes into consideration accents and provides educationalists with real examples.  Take a look below – it’s a must see!

- Watch the Department of Education's Teacher Training Video below:


The Department for Education have also produced a list of FAQs on the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check Further information is available in the Government's document on: Assessment and Reporting Arrangements and also in the department's Phonics Screening Check Materials.

PhonicMake Phonics Funs Screening - Help in the classroom

To provide extra help for teachers and pupils to prepare for the phonics screening check in the classroom, we have created a resource to complement existing phonic schemes.

Designed by educational specialists who understand your day to day teaching needs, Make Phonics Fun is an engaging topic based resource.

What’s more it can run alongside existing schemes perfectly and includes:-

• Teachers Notes
• Stories
• Poetry
• Activities
• Test Cards
• Answer Sheets

There are three books in the series covering Autumn, Spring and Summer topics. 

The Summer topics edition of Make Phonics Fun is designed to provide practice for Year 1 pupils preparing to take the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check in the final school term.

Other helpful information on the Phonics Screening Check:


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