Phonics Screening Teacher Training Video

The Make Phonics Fun series

Make Phonics FunThe Government’s video is a must see but it doesn’t go as far as helping with your day to day phonics teaching.  

That's why we at LCP have created Make Phonics Fun especially with the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check in mind.

It is designed by educational specialists to help teachers engage Year 1 pupils in a fun and imaginative way and has topic based activities, games, test cards that include both real and pseudo words.

Discover Make Phonics Fun today!


Other helpful information about the Phonics Screening Check:


  1. Phonics Screening - What is it?
  2. Phonics Screening Preparation
  3. Phonics Screening Teacher Training Video
  4. Why use Pseudo Words?
  5. Help with Pseudo / Non-Words
  6. Phonics Screening and SEN
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  9. What Pilot schools have to say
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