Primary School Risk Assessments

Primary School Risk Assessments
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Primary School Risk Assessments are an increasingly time-consuming burden for headteachers.

Thankfully, help is at hand for your primary school in the shape of our Risk Assessments for Schools (2nd Edition) CD. With over 155 pre-prepared documents, it provides primary teachers, schools and governing bodies with documents of a consistently high quality.

The latest edition contains 38 NEW Primary School Risk Assessments.  Each document is provided in Microsoft® Word format for easy replication and adaption to your particular primary school requirements.

Risk Assessments for Schools (2nd Edition) includes:

  •  Assessment of Risk Areas INSIDE the School Buildings 
     (Primary School) Allergies, Internet Access, School Discos, Helpers etc.

  •  Assessment of Risk Areas OUTSIDE the School Buildings 
     (Primary School) Delivery Vehicles, Play Area, Sports Day ...

  •  Assessment of Risk Areas Off-Site 
     (Primary School) Swimming, Visit Abroad, Transporting Pupils etc



•  Policies for Primary Schools
•  School Job Descriptions

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