PSHE & Citizenship Resource File (3rd Edition) for EYFS and KS1

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The 3rd edition resource files offer a comprehensive programme for teaching of PSHE and Citizenship at EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 in Primary schools.

The files have been fully updated by a team of experienced contributors who teach in a range of schools across the country and bring a breadth and depth of experience to ensure that the latest material is relevant and carefully tailored to the needs of Primary Teachers working with pupils in Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

New units have been added, on themes such as personal identity, preparing for later life and aspects of life in Britain today.

The 3rd edition files have been updated to ensure that the ‘new issues’ which have emerged – ranging from inappropriate touching to British values, from gay marriage to homophobia, from ethics to religion – are all addressed in the Key Stage 1 and/or Key Stage 2 files.

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"Creative and comprehensive. This file is robust and a great value at £69.95. It includes a rich mine of lessons, ideas, and guidance and is cross-curricular. It provides a healthy balanced range of teaching approaches and the new and rewritten content makes this a contemporary solution to addressing the key issues of today. As a resource it is purposeful, substantial, holistic, engaging and collaborative, as well as quick-witted andcreative."  -John Dabell for Teach Primary Magazine

"It incorporates everything needed to use it in a school and is very accessible." -Ellen Bond, Author and Primary School Teacher

Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1:

The first section on Early Years has been extended and includes suggestions for activities that reinforce positive behaviour and promote the development of emotional and social skills.

For KS1, two new units have been added, Who am I? and Health and Hygiene, both of which contain an assortment of interesting ideas and practical advice on how to implement them.

This file contains 8 units:

  • Who am I?
  • Communities
  • Feelings and relationships
  • Choices
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Right and wrong
  • Rules
  • Health and hygiene

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