Racing to English CD

Racing to English CD

Racing to English is fun and flexible.

It has over 250 language-focused teaching activities for use with pupils and adults learning English as an Additional Language, plus ESOL & EFL students.


The activities, aimed at beginner/intermediate level, encourage focused language work and interactive group work. Some are more suitable for older learners, some for younger, but most can be used with any age.

Whole classes

The CD is also useful in promoting language development for whole classes in primary, secondary and language schools, for individual staff who work across a number of schools/etc. (e.g. peripatetic EAL teachers) plus other establishments with students who are learning English as an Additional language.


Many teachers find that the activities are very useful for pupils/students with particular Special Educational Needs, especially those who need extra repetition and focused language work.


The main benefits of Racing to English are:


Oracy/Interaction - the activities are designed to encourage interaction and purposeful, focused talk between learners.

Repetition - many of the activities are game-like, so it is easy to ensure that the same activity and therefore the same language items are used many times.

Comprehensible input - the activities are based either on photo/picture input or on stories that create a meaningful context for the language items.

Clear language aims - the activities all have clear language aims and focus on particular functions and sentence structures.

Flexibility - the activities are flexible and can therefore be used in a variety of ways with a wide range of learners. 

Adaptability - all the documents are fully-customisable, so you can edit them, rearrange them, simplify or add to them. Basically, adapt them to suit the needs of the pupils/students you are working with.






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