Art & Design Focus Weeks CD

Art & Design Focus Weeks CD

Our Art & Design Focus Weeks CD is a subject-focused, cross-curricular resource that enables teachers to run creative and inspiring focus weeks for children from Foundation Stage to Year 6.  The CD contains three different focus weeks, which include activities for all years:

  • Colour in autumn

  • Birds and beasts

  • Travellers

The wealth of customisable resources for each week includes:

  • an introduction for the focus week co-ordinator
  • an explanatory presentation for the co-ordinator to deliver to other staff members
  • comprehensive planning timetables for the co-ordinator
  • draft timetables for each week
  • session plans with extension activities and cross-curricular linked activities
  • PowerPoint presentations of stimulating full-colour photographs of children’s work and works of art that can be projected onto a white screen or interactive whiteboard.

There is also an editable version of the planning and teaching materials in Microsoft® Word and a site licence is included in the price. Great value when you compare the cost of buying in additional staff to run an event.

The CD includes activities that give children the opportunity to experience a wide range of materials, from observational drawings and paintings to working with clay and weaving into a variety of frames, such as bicycle wheels.  Designed to inspire the creativity of both children and staff, the Art & Design Focus Weeks CD provides a wealth of challenges and opportunities in activities where creativity is the key!

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