History Focus Weeks CD

History Focus Weeks CD

Most teachers are aware that focus weeks are an excellent way of introducing creativity into the curriculum and ensuring that learning has an impact.  Pupils have time to complete their learning activities and gain from the excitement and sense of purpose that such a week can bring.

However, teachers are also aware of what a mammoth task it is to set up such investigative weeks!

Our Focus Week CDs take the hassle out of implementing such weeks.

Designed to help you run creative and inspiring focus weeks which fire your pupils' curiosity about the past, from their immediate locality to the wider world, our History Focus Weeks CD includes history activities for each year group from Foundation Stage to Year 6 including:  

  • drama
  • poetry
  • freeze frames
  • artefact design
  • soundscapes
  • digital video news reports
  • art & design activities

History Focus Weeks are planned as whole-school activities but can equally be carried out as a class or year group activity. While each project takes one week to complete, the activities could be used by individual classes at any time to enhance and extend learning in history.

The CD contains three themes to choose from  - or you can do a mixture of all three:

  • Local history   
  • Archaeology
  • Famous people

The CD contains a bank of customisable material:

• suggested timetables
• sample letters to parents
• comprehensive lesson plans with accompanying resource sheets
• additional materials such as images and data banks to use within lessons
• launch assemblies
• PowerPoint presentations for pupils
• presentations for teacher INSET Training
• assessment materials

There is an editable version of the planning and teaching materials in Microsoft® Word format on the CD and a site licence is included in the price. 

Other Focus Weeks CDs are available for:

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