New Generation Literacy Resource Files

New Generation Literacy Resource Files

Our New Generation Literacy Resource Files are packed with simple and concise literacy lesson plans that are both creative and achievable, giving pupils the inspiration and the time to enjoy learning.

Available for Years 3 and 4, each Literacy Resource File comprises:

  • A ringbound resource file full of easy-to-follow, cross-curricular lesson plans and activities that bring literacy to life in the classroom, while saving you hours of planning and preparation. Includes recommended reading lists, support sheets and more.
  • An interactive CD providing a wealth of invaluable resources including text extracts and poetry examples, audio and video recordings that support the lessons, plus PowerPoint® presentations and PDF documents featuring stories, illustrations and photographs, as well as an electronic version of the whole file, ideal for a whiteboard and perfect for whole-class teaching.

Main features and benefits of our New Generation Literacy Resource Files:

  • Saves hours of planning - with simple 'to-the-point' literacy lesson plans.
  • Written by experienced teachers – they know what is achievable in a classroom (and what isn’t!).
  • Literacy lessons that are ‘achievable’ in one hour.
  • Each lesson plan contains learning ojectives and outcomes.
  • Encompasses three key areas of study: narrative, non-fiction and poetry.
  • Offers a range of activities including extension activities, a plenary and guidance on differentiation.

New Generation Literacy Resource Files are available for:   

•  Early Years Foundation Stage - EYFS
•  Year 3 of Key Stage 2
•  Year 4 of Key Stage 2


Literacy Resource Files updated for the 2014 curriculum are available for:

Year 1 of KS1

Year 2 of KS1

Year 3 and 4 of KS2 - coming soon

Year 5 and Year 6 of KS2


Year 3 & Year 4 Contents


Year 3


Unit 1   Stories with familiar settings
Unit 2   Myths and legends
Unit 3   Adventure and mystery
Unit 4   Authors and letters
Unit 5   Dialogue and plays

Unit 1   Reports
Unit 2   Instructions
Unit 3   Information texts

Unit 1   Poems to perform
Unit 2   Shape poetry and calligrams
Unit 3   Language play

Recommended reading list

Year 4


Unit 1   Stories with historical settings
Unit 2   Stories set in imaginary worlds
Unit 3   Stories from other cultures
Unit 4   Stories which raise dilemmas
Unit 5   Plays

Unit 1   Recounts
Unit 2   Information texts
Unit 3   Explanation
Unit 4   Persuasive texts

Unit 1   Creating images
Unit 2   Exploring form

Recommended reading list






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