Talk About Maths

Talk About Maths

Talk About Maths encourages children to work together to solve maths problems, plus develop thinking skills and creativity in their maths work.

As well as being the perfect supplement to your core mathematics work, it also helps to embed speaking and listening skills using maths as a foundation.

This cross-curricular approach will help to reinforce and extend the skills that children are already developing. 

Each Talk About Maths package comprises:

  • 15 copies each of two corresponding Pupil Books (book A and book B) designed to support oral pairwork in the plenary session. (Paired activities are fun and can be carried out with minimal teacher support.)
  • A Teacher’s Book containing photocopiable activity sheets and full teacher’s notes to support the children while carrying out paired activities.
  • A CD containing a PDF and an editable version of the Teacher’s Book in Microsoft® Word, allowing you to customise the text to suit your needs. This also allows you to project the pages onto a whiteboard for whole-class teaching. (A site licence is included in the price.)

Children use the worksheets to record their working and answers after carrying out the activities in the pupil books. The teacher’s notes include prior learning, follow-up questions for discussion and answers to all activities. There are also ideas for support and extension.

Top-up packs containing five copies of each of the Pupil Books may be purchased separately. For prices please ring our Customer Services department on 01926 886 914.


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