Music Resources for Foundation Stage

Music Resource File for Foundation Stage
Disc Book

Our Music Resource File for Foundation Stage provides music sessions for the whole of the Foundation Stage and features detailed lesson plans and medium-term plans.

The Resource File has scores for all accompanied songs in the file and also comes with three accompanying CDs which include:

  • An editable version of the whole file, in Microsoft® Word, allowing you to customise it to suit your needs.
  • Pictures of the instruments and moving images demonstrating how they are played, plus key images (e.g. rhythm cards, flash cards) from the resource file.
  • An audio CD which includes finished mixes of vocal and backing tracks for the accompanied songs in the file.
  • All the clips and images contained in the resource file.

The Music Resource File for Foundation Stage also provides:

  • Lively teacher-friendly lesson plans which promote creative development through whole-class singing, movement and play.
  • Clear learning objectives and outcomes.
  • Assessment opportunities.
  • Opportunities for differentiation.
  • A Christmas production.
  • A glossary of musical instruments and terms.

A site licence is included in the price which enables schools to use it on any computer within the purchasing institution.

(Please note that MP3 playback facility will be required on computers and CD players to use some of the elements on the CDs).

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