Games Skills CD for PE

Games Skills CD for PE

Our Games Skills CD is an interactive resource that helps primary teachers develop their pupils’ positional awareness and games tactics.  Ideal for whiteboard use, the activities are broken down, so that a single concept can be taught quickly prior to a lesson.

The Games Skills CD can be used:

  • To introduce the concept of a playing area, and the players’ role, prior to putting this into practice.
  • As an introduction to the practical session, for example, what pupils might need to consider during a football lesson focusing on defence.
  • As a tool for a plenary session to check what the pupils have learned or remembered from the session.
  • In a wet weather session, for pupils to practise and develop tactical awareness skills that can be put into practice next time.

Although ideal for Key Stage 2, the Games Skills CD is relevant to late Key Stage 1 as well.

Encourage your pupils to lead a healthy lifestyle

To lead a healthy lifestle, pupils need to understand how to exercise and eat healthily. The 2014 National Curriculum for D&T requires all pupils to learn Cooking and Nutrition throughout KS1 and KS2. LCP in partnership with the Food Teachers Centre have developed The Primary Food Skills Academy a series of practical, hands on training days to provide teachers with the skills and resources needed to teach cookery with confidence at KS1 and KS2.  Courses run throughout the academic year.

For more information and to find the course nearest to you, take a look at our training page.


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