SENsational Maths

SENsational Maths for SEN Teaching

SENsational Maths is designed to help those children who have been struggling to keep up with their peers in class.

The perfect SEN resource to help children gain confidence in mathematics, it was developed and written by Jan Vickers, a teaching assistant with many years experience working with SEN children, as well as those who need extra numeracy support.

SENsational Maths comprises a wirobound book of lesson plans, activity sheets and games, home learning sheets and photocopiable teacher’s resource sheets.

As well as providing the perfect platform to help pupils by putting them in an environment where learning is fun and acheivable, it is also:  

  • Perfect for a small group or class group at base level.
  • Fun and enjoyable; most lessons are based around games.
  • Designed to help parents participate in their child’s education through the home learning sheets.
  • Easily adaptedable so that you can work at the pupils' own pace.

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