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The activities are designed to keep the pace moving along rapidly, in order to keep the pupils fully involved in what they are doing, and all the language that is needed for each activity is clearly listed in the teacher’s notes section, the latter of which feature as a PDF on the CD and can easily be printed out if you prefer.

The teacher’s notes give a detailed, click-by-click account of how each activity works. They also provide information on assessment opportunities, and indicate any points of cultural/linguistic awareness, e.g. Spanish surname system or pronunciation of letter combinations.

The CD features six units of work with four activities in each unit.

Each activity is split into three phases – A, B and C:

  • Phase A is the core, which all pupils will complete
  • Phase B is extra material if there is more time or if you want to reinforce the language further
  • Phase C is ideal for challenging more able pupils and high flyers

Each phase is split into three parts:

  • Model – which introduces the structures and language that pupils will use in the activities. Audio files are included, recorded by native speakers, to model pronunciation and intonation
  • Task – that allows pupils to practise in pairs or with the teacher. As they move through the task, less language support is offered until they are often producing the language from just the picture clues
  • Plenary – which introduces new language and allows pupils to build upon what they have been saying and to explore alternatives

Designed in Microsoft Powerpoint® for ease of use, the contents of each CD work equally well on an interactive whiteboard or with a computer and data projector and/or can be copied onto your school network. The CD also comes with a site licence.

Ideal for ages 11 – 14/KS3 (Years 7-9) or S1-3 in Scotland.

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