Managing Behaviour & Discipline in the Primary School CD

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Good behaviour from pupils can increase pupils’ achievements and raise standards within the school, as well as helping to decrease stress all round; while low-level, disruptive behaviour prevents teachers from teaching and other pupils from learning.

If you’re struggling to manage behaviour and discipline in your school – help is at hand in the shape of our Managing Behaviour and Discipline in the Primary School CD.

Written by a former headteacher, this unique and customisable resource will provide you with a whole-school strategy that will help to change the behaviour culture within your school, plus equip teachers and teaching assistants with behaviour management skills.

The CD takes a holistic approach; every aspect of the pupil’s experience in school is examined – from appropriate nutrition to classroom surroundings – with a view to finding strategies for developing optimum behaviour.

It provides a large amount of material designed for use as handouts and/or for use in PowerPoint presentations for INSET training.

The CD covers:

• Whole-School Issues

• Whole-School Initiatives

• Classroom Management

• Classroom Relationships

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