Maths Homework CD Year 6

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These time-saving Mathematics Homework Activities on CD provide primary teachers with a set of challenging and engaging maths homework activities for every week of the school year.

Each maths activity addresses a whole or part of a learning objective and all the Homework Sheets are in Microsoft® Word format which means that you can customise them to suit the maths curriculum in your school.

There are separate CDs available for Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, and Year 5

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Year 6

  • – Introduction- Objectives

    – Homework Answer Sheets

Block A Counting, partitioning and calculating

Round About / Key Calculations 1 / Key Calculations 2 / Don’t Be Negative! / Number Calcs!

Extra Tricky / Putting Numbers in their Place 1 / Putting Numbers in their Place 2

Ordering Decimals 1 / Ordering Decimals 2 / In Your Head / What’s Going On?

Block B Securing number facts, understanding shape

Just Checking / Spot On! / Crack the Code / It’s a Bit of a Puzzle / All Square /

Prime Time / Planning, Planning, Planning! / More Tricky Calcs! / Did you Know? 1 /

Did you Know? 2

Block C Handling data and measures


It’s There Somewhere! / Not Likely! / Swapping Units / It’s a Problem / On Average

What’s the Picture? / Converted

Block D Calculating, measuring and understanding shape

Going Mental / Everything’s Rosy in the Garden / Doing the Numbers / How Much Space?

Get the Right Angle / Coordinating / Imagine…

Block E Securing number facts, relationships and calculating


Mixed-Up Fractions / Twenty Per Cent / Just the Same / Which Way? / Your Number’s Up!

All in Proportion / Share it Out / Just A Bit / No Remainders This Time / Patience! Patience! / Transition / Triangles / Biscuits / Angles Without Measuring / Pressing the Right Button /

Roughly… / More Sharing / Probably…

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