Milad – The Voyage to Ophir

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An inspiring novel about a boy’s adventures with phoenician sailors. Sea-battles, spies, pirates, princesses and perilous journeys all abound.

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Within the pages of Milad, an inspiring novel about a boy’s adventures with phoenician sailors from international author Nazam Anhar, sea-battles, spies, pirates, princesses and perilous journeys all abound.

Milad joins a fleet of Phoenician mariners in the service of King Solomon on an expedition to Ophir, deep in Africa. But before they reach their destination, the fleet is attacked by the notorious pirate Kallabos. So begins a dangerous adventure from the wilds of Africa to the tombs of Memphis.

An enthralling work of fiction for children aged 9-13, Milad – The Voyage to Ophir is a perfect text for use in classrooms and at home. The ancient phoenician setting of The Voyage to Ophir makes it ideal for embedding history, science and geography into your literacy lessons, thereby enabling first-class cross curricular teaching.

But don’t just take our word for it! 

“Nazam Anhar weaves history and adventure in this exciting novel about a boy’s first journey to sea.” Claire Saxby – Aussiereviews

Below are some reviews from teachers who have read Milad, from both primary and secondary schools… 

“Milad delights, not just because it is an exciting and captivating read, but because it actually shows good triumphing over evil. It also explores some philisophical issues about human friendship, loyalty and duty. It can be discussed at so many levels, making it accessible to all readers, yet challenging the more astute to analyse the moral themes.” 

Mrs Douglas, English teacher, Kineton High School, Warwickshire.

“Milad – The voyage to Ophir is a captivating and exciting story, action and adventure set amid the backdrop of Ancient Phoenician times. Children will be hooked in by the likeable characters and fast paced plot. The many opportunities for cross curricular links results in an exciting and memorable learning experience for your class.” 

Ms Neale, teacher, The Revel Primary School, Warwickshire.

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