Phonics Foundation Stage & KS1 2CDs

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Phonics Foundation Resource Sample

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Our Phonics Resource File as a double CD set has been written to provide clear, structured, synthetic phonics materials. It corresponds to the following phases of Letters and Sounds:

Phonics Resource CD Letters and Sounds
Step 1 Phase 1
Step 2 Phase 2; Phase 3
Step 3 Phase 4
Step 4 Phase 5; Phase 6

The Resource File CDs offer in particular:

  • A programme of listening and aural discrimination activities suitable for early Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Key Stage 1 (KS1).
  • A fast-paced introduction of grapheme–phoneme correspondence suitable for later Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Key Stage 1 (KS1).
  • An immediate start to blending and segmenting activities, as soon as graphemes are introduced.
  • Letter naming and alphabet knowledge activities right from the beginning of the programme.
  • A revision of known material as an integral part of every lesson.
  • Advanced phonics, including blending and long vowel phonemes, for early consolidation.
  • A clear structure of teacher-led materials and pupil-led activities.
  • The chance to use interactive, multi-sensory activities in phonics teaching.
  • Regular assessment opportunities.

Ideal for whole-class, discrete phonics teaching, group work, individual activities and active, multi-sensory learning, the Phonics Resource File CDs contain:

  • Teacher’s notes.
  • Printable materials – alphabet frieze, grapheme frieze, word & letter cards, grapheme cards, picture cards, letter formation sheets.
  • INSET training materials – PowerPoint presentations, handouts, quizzes, background notes.
  • Parent handouts.
  • Homework sheets.
  • Assessment sheets.
  • The Phonics Resource File is a double CD set which is packed with:
  • Interactive teacher-led activities and pupil activities.
  • Guidance for teachers, training video for whole-staff INSET and printable materials for classroom use.
  • Guidance for parents and activity sheets for home-based tasks.

A site licence is included in the price which allows you to use these CDs on any computer within the purchasing institution.

Please note: This CD is not compatible with Apple Mac’s.

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