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Improving spelling has been shown to increase children’s confidence, sense of achievement and can enhance their performance across all subjects.

Do your pupils struggle with spelling?  Are you looking for proven phonic spelling resources?  Phonics to Spelling on CD is a simple and fun, interactive resource for teachers.

Designed for pupils who perhaps didn’t ‘get’ phonics in KS1 and are now struggling with spelling, this teaching resource contains refreshing strategies, such as games like Wacky RacesLunar MissionChuck It OutSnap and Dominoes, plus other interactive phonic activities and fun animations to help reinforce key spelling points.

The main features and benefits of Phonics to Spelling include:

  • Simple and easy to use – teachers need have NO previous knowledge of phonics to use the CD
  • Anyone can deliver the units from teachers to teaching assistants – you get all the handholding you need
  • Teacher’s notes – including a ‘What you need to know’ section at the start of each unit – taking you through the steps day by day
  • Easy to manage weekly phases with 15 minutes of spelling each day
  • Individual units so you can tailor the programme to your pupils’ needs – pupils can dip in and out of the relevant sections
  • End of unit assessments allowing you to monitor your pupils’ progress
  • Useful as teacher’s evidence for Assessing Pupil Progress (APP)
  • Ideal for individuals, pairs, small groups, or as a whole class resource
  • Can be used by one teacher or the whole school at no extra cost!
  • Compatible on both PC and MAC computers

Phonics to Spelling teaches spelling rather than reading.

Its spelling features include:

  • A simple Diagnostic Spelling Test to help teachers identify their pupils’ current level and decide which units will suit them best.
  • A revision of the sounds and stages covered in Stages 5 & 6 of Letters & Sounds, unpicking them so children can use their knowledge and translate that into successful spelling.
  • Multi-sensory strategies to help pupils remember tricky words (or the tricky parts of words) and concentrate their energies on those.
  • Spelling S.O.S – Save Our Spellings! – a full unit on frequently mis-spelt words and/or high frequency words, compound words and common homophones.
  • Interactive games with rules and patterns to help pupils work out the most likely spelling.

About the author

Charlotte Raby, the author of Phonics to Spelling is a leading educational consultant, literacy specialist and successful children’s author. In the past, she has written books for Oxford University Press, Scholastic, Pearson and Read, Write, Inc. among others.

Her wide and varied experience includes running a tiny pre-school in Zimbabwe and advising the Brighton Institute of Modern Music in their assessment systems.

She is well aware of the problems, pitfalls and joys of classroom practice. As well as providing training and support to many teachers and schools, Charlotte has ‘hands on’ experience, having worked as a Literacy Coordinator and been a Leading Literacy Teacher. Today she continues to work in schools as a Special Needs teacher.

Charlotte says: ‘I created Phonics to Spelling because, as a literacy teacher myself, I found it frustrating that there were no resources like this available, especially to help KS2 pupils who had missed out or just didn’t ‘get’ phonics at KS1. The resource remains rooted in practice that has been tried and tested and proven successful in classes with children who have a wide variety of needs and abilities.’

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