Primary French Interactive Activities CD1

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The secret to success in language learning is lots and lots of practice.

However, teachers tell us that they can never get enough practice material for French at the right level.

Our Primary French Interactive Activities CDs contain a wealth of practice materials including creative activities, engaging puzzles, competitions and games – all using authentic French voices. Games can be played over and over – content comes up randomly within each topic to give variety and plenty of opportunity to practise the material.

Extensive use is made of audio facilities, with everything pronounced by native French speakers, so that children hear authentic French over and over again. All the activities are straightforward and make the most of interactive technology to maximize learning in fun and creative ways. Clear and concise Teacher’s Notes explain how to get the most from each activity.

Pupils have the option to view their score – introducing an element of competition – and teachers can choose to switch the games to assessment mode, so they can see a child’s score on a particular game if required. All the activities can be played on a whiteboard or on individual computers.

There are two CDs available:

  • Primary French Interactive Activities CD1 is for beginners
  • Primary French Interactive Activities CD2 follows on

Simple and easy to use by either teacher or pupil, our Primary French Interactive Activities CDs help to make language learning fun, encourage pupils to make rapid progress and, above all, build on solid foundations.

Topics covered on CD1;

Greetings, Classroom instructions, Classroom objects, Numbers 0–12, Numbers 13–21,
Numbers 22–31, Numbers 32–40, Numbers 41–60, Countries, Nationalities, Languages,
Days of the week, What’s the weather like?, Alphabet, Introducing the family, Months,
Colours, Pets, Animal noises, Festivals, Telling the time, Happy birthday!
Directions, Questions, Sentences

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