Primary Spanish Resource File 2 + 2 CDs

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Our Primary Spanish Resource Files will save you hours of work by providing all the resources you need to teach Spanish in your primary school.

There are two files available:

  • The Primary Spanish Resource File 1 is for beginners (it’s ideal for years 3 & 4 but suitable for beginners of any age including years 5 & 6)
  • The Primary Spanish Resource File 2 is the follow on.

Each Primary Spanish Resource File comprises:

  • A ring-bound resource file containing medium-term plans with cross-curricular links, lesson plans, resource sheets and activity sheets.
  • Two CDs featuring:
    • a pronunciation guide with all vocabulary read aloud by a native speaker – a great support for the non-specialist – which can be referred to whenever it’s needed.
    • an interactive electronic flipbook with photographs and animated illustrations, plus full audio support perfect for starting a discussion and ideal for use with a whiteboard. This CD also includes electronic flashcards, which are perfect for teaching essential vocabulary.

A site licence is also included in the price.

Content of File 2


  • What the material consists of
  • How to use the material
  • A guide to lesson evaluation


  • Section 7    School
  • Section 8    Food and drink
  • Section 9    Sport
  • Section 10  Clothes
  • Section 11  My local area
  • Section 12  The Spanish-speaking world


The LCP Primary Spanish Resource Files support the delivery of the National Curriculum at Key Stage 2 by providing lesson plans that are fully compatible with the Key Stage 2 Framework for languages. Each section of work ensures coherence and progression through the activities, and contains a

detailed medium-term plan and section introduction in a standard format for easy reference.

What the material consists of

Each section contains:

  • a medium-term plan
  • a comprehensive introduction that includes all the vocabulary covered in the section.
  • between four and seven easy-to-follow teaching plans containing the following components:

– learning objectives and learning outcomes

– links with the National Curriculum Programme of Study and the MFL Framework for Key Stage 2

– list of resources needed

– list of vocabulary covered

  • photocopiable sheets that can be cut up and laminated for use as flashcards
  • activity sheets for children to complete either on their own or with a partner.

Additional resources

  • Electronic Flipbook pages provide stimulating colourful illustrations and photographs that can be used to introduce a topic.
  • Electronic Flashcards provide pictures and text to introduce and reinforce vocabulary.

CD material

  • There are two CDs. The first contains the Electronic Flipbook and the Electronic Flashcards in PDF format to enable you to project onto a whiteboard. You can click on captions and other text on the Flipbook pages to hear the words read out by native speakers. Rolling over the illustrations triggers simple animations.
  • The second CD contains an audio version of all the Spanish vocabulary for each section, read by a native speaker. This is a useful guide to pronunciation. There is a pause after each word or phrase, during which you can practise saying the words.

How to use the material

The File is split into six sections. There is enough material in each section to cover a term’s work.

The topics within each section are flexible and can be taught as individual lessons, split, grouped or

extended, depending on your needs and the time you have available. Extension activities at the end of each topic provide further ideas.

Sections 7-9 are intended for delivery to Year 5 and Sections 10-12 to Year 6. Each topic caters for a mixed-ability class. If you wish to teach younger children using these materials, then the differentiation section in each topic offers ideas to support the children.

The LCP Primary Spanish Resource Files contain all the content and guidance that you need to present Spanish lessons, but leave the style and pace of the delivery to you. Particular care has been taken to enable non-specialist teachers to feel confident in delivering the material.

A guide to lesson evaluation

Here is a checklist of questions you may like to ask yourself.

Were the lesson objectives achieved by:

  • all the children?
  • most of the children?
  • a few children?

Is more reinforcement needed and, if so, when should this be carried out? Did I explain the following clearly:

  • gender concept (masculine and feminine)?
  • familiar/polite forms of address?
  • longer responses, e.g. Voy a tomar un bocadillo de queso, por favor, and did children understand the meaning of each word?
  • out-of-school learning?

Was my classroom organisation appropriate?

  • Did I use time and resources in the most efficient way?
  • Did pupils respond positively to the tasks set?

Was my pronunciation good enough?

Was the children’s pronunciation good enough/did they make good progress?

Did any children seem confused with responses?

If so, how can I avoid confusion next time?

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