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We all know that learning knowledge alone won’t equip children for the future. It’s vitally important to teach them skills which they can adapt to different situations later in life.

A whole school resource, Thinking Skills helps teachers to introduce and embed personal learning and thinking skills from Reception through to Year 6.  The emphasis on thinking skills will help children to become much more aware of their own behaviour and empowers them to drive their own learning.

With clear progression throughout the pupils’ progression from Reception up to Year 6, it features numerous activities to explicitly teach these skills plus guidance on how to embed the skills within other curriculum areas.

Featuring a book and accompanying CD, this comprehensive resource, covers:

  • Independent Inquirers – this skill is all about teaching the children to think for themselves.
  • Creative Thinkers – this skill is all about developing new ideas and challenging the status quo.
  • Reflective Learners – this skill develops children’s understanding of their own learning and behaviour.
  • Team Workers – this skill is all about learning to work well with others.
  • Self Managers – this skill is all about children learning to take responsibility for their learning and behaviour.
  • Effective Participators – this skill is about children taking part in their communities.

Thinking Skills features guidance on assessment, learning objectives and outcomes, resources to support the teaching and how to further develop the skills within other curriculum areas.

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