RE Resource File Lower Key Stage 2 Second Edition

RE Teaching Resource File Lower Key Stage 2
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Beliefs, Values, Tolerance - religion for a wider world

At Key Stage 2, teaching RE is a vibrant subject, enriched by art, artefacts and music; drama and philosophy; history and geography. LCP's RE Resource files can help form the basis of a wholeschool ethos of care, respect, knowledge and value, which is vital for good spiritual, moral and social development. 

This Teaching Resource file for Years 3 and 4 provides a complete toolkit to support teaching a locally agreed RE Syllabus at Key Stage 2:

  • develop understanding of principal religions of Britain
  • explore the ideas of other world views
  • increase understanding of the beliefs, teachings and practice of religions in Britain
  • long term plan, medium term plans and individual lessons clearly laid out
  • classroom activities

Year 3 units of work:

  • Birth ceremonies
  • Right and wrong 
  • Christianity 
  • Creation 
  • Caring for the environment

Year 4 units of work:

  • Becoming an adult 
  • Inspirational people 
  • Judaism 
  • Sikhism 
  • War and suffering 
  • Neighbours

Fully updated and revised in 2014, RE Teaching Resource Files are a 'must have' for every primary classroom.

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