Primary School Risk Assessments - OUTSIDE School Buildings

Risk Assessments for OUTSIDE Primary School Buildings

Save valuable time with LCP's Risk Assessments for Primary Schools.  The complete version has over 155 pre-prepared templates that can easily be adapted. 

Two ways to purchase:

  1. Buy in 'bite size' chunks from Karascope, Primary School Risk Assessments
  2. For the complete version go to Risk Assessments for Primary Schools (includes inside, outside and offsite risk assessments)

Assessments of Risk Areas OUTSIDE the School Buildings covers the following risks:-

  • Arrival & Departure of Pupils
  • Benches & Litter Bins
  • Bus Shelter on School Grounds
  • Car Boot Sale
  • Cars Dropping off & Collecting Children
  • Cars Parking on School Grounds
  • Delivery Vehicles
  • Driveway
  • Fayres & Fêtes
  • Flower Beds
  • Litter
  • Mobile-Phone Masts
  • 'Outdoor Classroom'
  • Play & Recreational Areas
  • Playground & Recreational Equipment
  • Ramps for Wheelchairs & Pushchairs
  • Refuse Bins
  • School Ponds
  • Sports Day
  • Sports Field
  • Sports Fixtures & Practice Matches
  • Staff Cars Parked & Driven on School Grounds
  • Steps
  • Storage Rooms
  • Traffic Management
  • Trees in School Grounds
  • Warning Signs
  • Wire Fencing Bordering the School Grounds