Primary School Risk Assessments - Areas Offsite

Primary School Risk Assessments - Areas Offsite

Save valuable time and be compliant with LCP's Risk Assessments for Schools (Primary Schools).  There are over 155 pre-prepared risk assessements which cover Offsite Area Risks, Inside and Outside Primary School Buildings.

Two ways to purchase:

  1. Buy in 'bite size' chunks from Karascope, Primary School Risk Assessments
  2. For the complete version go to Risk Assessments for Schools (includes inside, outside and offsite risk assessments)

Primary School Risk Assessments for Areas Off-Site covers the following risks:-

  • Castle
  • Church or Cathedral
  • Coach Hire
  • Escorts
  • Farm
  • Indoor Activity Centre
  • Minibus
  • Minibus Drivers
  • Outdoor Activity Centre
  • Pupils Going Off-Site during the School Day
  • Safari Park or Zoo
  • Sponsored Walk
  • Stately Home
  • Swimming at a Public Pool
  • Theme Park
  • Transporting Pupils in Staff Cars
  • Transporting Pupils in Volunteer Parents’ Cars
  • Visit Abroad
  • Visits to Places within Walking Distance