Science Resource File Key Stage 1 (2nd Edition)

Science Teaching Resource file Key Stage 1
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From the natural world to new technologies, Science is all around us.  Experiment and learn ...


The Science Resource file for Key Stage 1 provides invaluable support for Primary Teachers working with the National Curriculum Programme of Study for Science with Year 1 and Year 2.  Updated to reflect the stronger emphasis on learning about the outdoor environment and identifying and naming things, the new Science Resource file contains:

  • 12 units of work, each covering scientific content and working scientifically
  • Long term plans
  • Medium term plans
  • Science vocabulary activities
  • Scientific challenges

Year 1 Topics cover:

  • Ourselves 
  • Sorting materials 
  • Pets and other animals
  • Plants Plant kingdom 
  • Out and about 
  • Seasons and weather

Year 2 Topics cover:

  • Humans 
  • Animal kingdom 
  • Using materials 
  • Growing plants 
  • Habitats near and far 
  • Weather


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