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Science Resource Files for KS1 & KS2
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Comprehensive science resources for Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 .

Our Science Resource Files offer a cross-curricular approach to primary science by providing a range of teaching resources, including lesson plans, medium-term plans and activity sheets that overlap other subject areas, at teachers fingertips.  

Each Resource File package comprises:

  • a ringbound Resource File packed with a wealth of primary science lesson plans, medium term plans and child-friendly activities that will save you hours of preparation time
  • an editable version of the whole file, in Microsoft® Word, so you can adapt it to suit your school

The science lesson plans are produced in a step-by-step layout that offers guidance on resources, classroom organisation, questioning techniques and teaching strategies.

Plus, there's helpful scientific background information written especially for the primary teacher. This provides more detail on the topic covered in each unit and enables the teacher to feel more confident when delivering each science lesson.

Each lesson plan includes:

  • detailed teaching notes
  • pupils' resource sheets
  • National Curriculum links
  • clearly-stated objectives
  • literacy, numeracy and ICT links
  • extension activities
  • science vocabulary

For ease resources are grouped together and each file is available according to primary school key stage:-   

  1. Early Years Foundation Stage - EYFS
  2. Key Stage 2 - KS2

Science Resource Files contents

Foundation Stage

  • Ourselves
  • Food
  • Animals
  • Seashore & ocean
  • Plants
  • Clothes
  • Houses & homes
  • Rock & sand
  • Water
  • Light & colour
  • Toys
  • Transport
  • Sound
  • Traditional stories & rhymes

Key Stage 1 - for our second edition KS1 Teaching Resource File click here


Key Stage 2 Years 3&4 (Lower KS2)

  • Teeth and Eating
  • Helping Plants Grow Well
  • Characteristics of Materials
  • Rocks and Soils
  • Magnets and Springs
  • Light and Shadows
  • Moving and Growing
  • Habitats
  • Keeping Warm
  • Solids, Liquids and how they can be Separated
  • Friction
  • Circuits and Conductors

Key Stage 2 Years 5&6 (Upper KS2)

  • Keeping Healthy
  • Life Cycles
  • Gases Around Us
  • Changing State
  • Earth, Sun and Moon
  • Changing Sounds
  • Enquiry in Environmental and
  • Technological Contexts
  • Interdependence and Adaptation
  • Micro-organisms
  • More About Dissolving
  • Reversible and Irreversible Changes
  • Forces in Action
  • How We See Things
  • Changing Circuits




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