À l'écoute 1, 2 & 3 - French listening activities

À l'écoute 1, 2 & 3 - French listening activities

À l’écoute packs provide activities that will motivate your pupils and make listening to French fun by using humour, games and a variety of recordings, voices and sound effects. They inspire and encourage listening for genuine understanding rather than mere repetition of what pupils have heard.

The packs are particularly suitable for pupils in their first three years of language learning. Each pack contains two audio CDs with listening activities and a photocopiable book with a range of pupil worksheets and detailed teacher’s notes. 

The listening extracts are presented in a context that make them more meaningful and easier to understand, with each sheet focusing on a grammatical point or specific language.

For each listening passage there are two worksheets – sheet A for lower level and sheet B for higher level – which not only varies the level of difficulty of the tasks, but also the amount of support offered, ensuring that À l’écoute caters for a wide ability range. The worksheets are structured so that your pupils will all listen to the same recording even though the tasks they have to complete are different.

There are six units in each pack, with four sections per unit each of which contains the grammar within context. The final section then brings together the language used throughout each unit.

There are three À l’écoute packs available:

  • À l’écoute 1 for Year 7
  • À l’écoute 2 for Year 8
  • À l’écoute 3 for Year 9

Suitable for ages 11-14/KS3 (Years 7-9) or S1-3 in Scotland.

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