Language games pack

Language Games Pack

Children learn languages best when they are relaxed, happy and having fun. This can be achieved partly by the use of language games.

Language games do not need to form the whole of a lesson but can be a large part of it. 

Our Languages Games Pack has short games, long games, games for pairs, small or large groups, games suitable for the last five minutes of a lesson or games that will last a double lesson. There are even quiet or noisy games!

As well as more than 60 language games, this resources comes with a teacher's manual containing advice and support, and an associated photocopiable pack with activity sheets which can be used with some of the games.

Working examples are given for the teaching of the French language, but of course, teachers of German, Spanish and all other modern community languages will find the ideas useful and the principle is the same.

Ideal for Key Stage 2 (KS2). 

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