Übung macht den Meister 1, 2 & 3 - KS3 German Homework Activities

Übung macht den Meister 1, 2 & 3 - German homework activities

There is more than enough material in these spiral-bound packs for you to provide your
KS3 pupils with one piece of homework for every week of the school year (or they can be used as end-of-lesson fillers).

Your pupils will find the activities stimulating and challenging, reinforcing the work that they have already covered in class and the lively, eye-catching artwork will make the activities fun to do.

Activities progress from the more structured and straightforward to more open-ended ones and each book includes teacher's notes, full answers to each worksheet, plus suggestions for extension activities for the more able pupils.

There are four Übung macht den Meister packs for KS3 available:

Übung macht den Meister for Year 7
Übung macht den Meister for Year 8
Übung macht den Meister grün - Foundation level for Year 9
Übung macht den Meister blau - Higher level for Year 9 

Ideal for ages 11-14/KS3 (Years 7-9) or S1-3 in Scotland.

French (C’est à moi) and Spanish (¡Adelante!) versions of these homework packs are also available.

Other features of Übung macht den Meister include:

  • An index which sets out clearly the topic of each worksheet, as well as the grammar and language covered
  • English rubric on the worksheets makes them ideal for starters, end-of-lesson fillers, cover lessons and homework
  • Topics such as other German-speaking countries, cultural awareness of German-speaking Europe (e.g. history, geographical features, famous people, tourism)
  • A quiz which could be completed as a group activity
  • An answers section at the back
  • Longer reading texts at the back of the book suitable for higher ability pupils or which can be used as an activity for Able, Gifted & Talented children

Übung macht den Meister 1 for Year 7 £30.00  Add to cart

Übung macht den Meister 2 for Year 8 £30.00  Add to cart

Übung macht den Meister 3 grün - Foundation level for Year 9 £30.00  Add to cart

Übung macht den Meister 3 blau - Higher level for Year 9 £30.00  Add to cart

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