Vom Lesen zum Schreiben - German reading and writing activities

Vom Lesen zum Schreiben - German reading and writing activities

These lively German reading and writing activities are ideal for class, home or independent work. Picking out facts, skimming, understanding gist, coping with unknown words and using a dictionary – are just some of the skills pupils can practise.

The activities, which come in fully-photocopiable packs, include 48 worksheets that can be used to supplement any course. The target language is used throughout and pupils are able to work on the sheets with minimal teacher input.

Each worksheet features two or three graded activities, the last of which can be used as extension material for pupils who complete their work quickly or who are able to work on less structured tasks. Each section features six differentiated worksheets for Key Stage 3 (S1–3 in Scotland), that gradually get more challenging as the children work through them.

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